Resolution von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen die auf dem Kongress der Europäischen GRÜNEN in Liverpool am 30.3.-2.4.2017 stattfinden wird.

Resolution on nuclear power

This resolution calls for phasing out the use of nuclear energy in Europe and beyond.

Danger and Health

● Nuclear energy plants are highly susceptible to human error, interruption of energy supply, natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

● The catastrophes of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima demonstrate how the technology of nuclear power is uncontrollable, dirty, poisonous and deadly.

● The safe and secure disposal of nuclear waste has never been solved and endangers present and future generations. Spent fuel of nuclear reactors is deadly and will be for thousands of generations. Cost and Investment

● The calculated cost of nuclear energy excludes the cost of nuclear hazards, now and in the future.

● Nuclear energy is a highly profitable business, yet environmental and health costs largely remain a public burden.-

● Nuclear energy is dependent on expensive, limited and non-renewable fuel. We call to:

● Immediately reduce tax deduction possibilities for nuclear energy companies and redirect respective funds into green energy and into a green energy grid;.

● Stop developing nuclear energy with taxpayer’s money;.

● Secure currently running nuclear power plants against terrorist attacks;.

● Build no new nuclear power plants;.

● Phase out currently running nuclear power plants, beginning with old nuclear power plants, those in earthquake- prone areas and all nuclear power plants not designed to withstand terrorist attacks or airplane crashes; foremost Tihange and Doel in Belgium, Fessenheim and Cattenom in France, as well as Beznau in Switzerland.

● Cut off financial resources which support the research on nuclear fusion, transmutation and generation IV nuclear reactors;

● Support research on clean and green energy for individual households, trade and industry, and develop programs and raise awareness about the necessity of reducing energy consumption;.

● Implement tools of foreign policy to phase out nuclear energy on the planet.