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Anti Tihange Demo in Lüttich am Bahnhof Liège-Guillemins

23. April 2017 @ 14:00 - 17:00

Am 23. April um 14 Uhr findet in Lüttich am Bahnhof eine Demo gegen Tihange statt. Kommt und demonstriert mit!!!!

Weitere Infos hier:

Hier ein motivierter Aufruf zur Unterstützung der Demonstration:

Call to support the anti-nuclear demonstration in Liège on 23 April and the human chain of 25 June from Tihange to Aachen

Why would I support?

* Because demonstrating is a very important way to put this bad government, the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FACN) and Engie-Electrabel under pressure. Parliamentary activity, legal proceedings, lobbying and direct action will not suffice.
* Because the gathering at a given time and place of all antinuclear, from all walks of life, allows us to emerge from the isolation in which Engie, the government that is at his command and his instrument of propaganda, The Nuclear Forum, are trying to push us.
* Because we mark important points. The AFCN can no longer allow everything to Engie / Electrabel. Even if the damaged reactors Doel 3 and Tihange 2 can remain active, the FACN has had to intervene several times to force Engie / Electrabel to correct less serious failures in reactor safety.
* The temporary closure of Tihange 1 is a temporary victory for our movement. In the absence of the latter, the economic interests of a few Engie shareholders would still have dominated the security issues of the 5 million people who live or work near the plant. Each closing day is a day of insecurity less for us, and a loss of € 1 million of profit (EBITDA) to Engie / Electrabel.
* Engie / Electrabel experts have been multiplying tests and calculations since 7 September ’16 to show that a miracle has occurred.  The embankment on which Tihange 1 was built, destabilized by the faulty injection of 720 Tons of concrete, has now become stable enough to resume operation. The FANC and Jambon will yield, unless we say „NO“.
In order to achieve the final closure of Tihange 1 and 2, and of the reactors at Doel 1, 2 and especially Doel 3, we must maintain pressure in the streets, in Parliament and in the courts.
How can I support?
For the demonstration on Sunday, April 23, at 2 pm at Gare des Guillemins in Liège (Lüttich)
* By responding positively to this message, clearly indicating which organization you represent and what the address of your site is.
* By transferring a sum between € 10 and € 100 to the account of Nuclear Stop asbl: BE80 5230 8041 3277, BIC: TRIOBEBB with communication „support demo“
* By being present with your family and/or friends at the demonstration with your sign, your flag, your antinuclear message.
* There will be  musical entertainment and  small restoration on site.
* The event is already supported by: ECOLO-Liège Province, Liège Federation of the Communist Party, LCR-Liège, Belgian Labor Party (PTB), 11-maartbeweging (Antwerp), 3-Roseninitiativ (DE)…


23. April 2017
14:00 - 17:00


Bahnhof Liège-Guillemins
Place des Guillemins
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